Quinta-feira, 5 de Novembro de 2009
Desenvolvimentos na área



UC San Diego


Stanford University



The approach of the MobilED project is to integrate research-based ideas of using mobile technologies in teaching/learning with active scenarios of real learning programmes.The project includes the design, development, and piloting of prototype applications where multimedia and language technologies (voice, text, images) will be used via the mobile phone as tools in the learning process.MobileEducatorhttp://doteduguru.com/id3686-mobileeducator-iphone-application-and-cms-review.html


OU2GO: The Official OU iPhone Application

The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, has just released OU2GO—the official University of Oklahoma iPhone application.http://www.ou.edu/web/landing/Articles/2009/august/iphone.html


A new suite of mobile applications for Duke University.


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